WesAudio Titan Rack and Rhea Bundle

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Save big when you bundle the WesAudio Rhea module with the Titan rack!

You Will Receive

WesAudio Rhea Description

Since digital footprint became part of the modern age, analog flavor was demanded more than ever. It is hard to imagine more musical and rich sounding compression than vari-mu desgin. This time ng500 line presents _RHEA – most noble of all, where modern age meets vintage, literally.


_RHEA is true tube compressor, where gain reduction is literally implemented via tube circuit.

As variable-mu design is feed backward compression, its behavior is known for amazing musical results!


To properly integrate tubes into modern audio levels, just before signal is passed to the tubes, transformers are doing its magic!

And that strongly emphasize the low end!


With MIX knob at your disposal, parallel compression has never been simpler to achieve!

With _RHEA your MIX setting can be automated in your DAW. Did You ever wanted to push your compressor harder in chorus? Nothing simpler! Just record automation using touch sensitive encoder, or draw your automation lines in DAW!


THD stands for “Total harmonic distortion” and it allows
to saturate your signal with beautiful analog color.


_RHEA Side chain filter functionality allows to modify signal going into the compressor’s detector.

It includes 3 high pass filters at 60,90 and 150 Hz.


Regardless its extensions, _RHEA is fully compatible unit with 500 series standard (*). Digital features can be enabled through front panel mini USB socket.

ng500 – Next Generation 500 series is a physical extension to 500 series, which makes _RHEA fully compatible with _TITAN frame – this allows to control all devices in chassis through one USB/Ethernet cable.


Even using _RHEA as pure analog signal processor you can easily switch between two parallel settings with a magic of a simple buttons.


Along with classic analog compressor You receive most demanded feature in audio industry – TOTAL RECALL.

Full plugin control through VST2/VST3/AU/AAX/AAX DSP – makes _RHEA compatible with most, if not all major DAWs.

Total integration with your beloved DAW will change your workflow forever!


I’m sure all of us wanted to use different device settings based on song section. Now it is possible! Just draw automation lines in your DAW and your analog device will follow!

And remember, you can use four touch sensitive encoders to record automation TO your DAW!


  • 100% analog device with +24dBu of headroom
  • True stereo tube “variable-mu” style compressor
  • High voltage tube operation
  • Interstage CARNHILL transformers
  • Input and output level control for maximum flexibility
  • Mix knob for parallel compression
  • THD – harmonic distortion with two modes (Medium & High)
  • SIDE CHAIN FILTERS – 3 high pass filters at 60,90 and 150 Hz
  • 500 series and ng500 (e.g. _TITAN) series compatible
  • Total Recall and plugin control compatible with most DAWs.
  • Analog automation in DAW


  • Frequency response: 10Hz-150kHz (-3dB)
  • THD+N < 0.03% (1kHz,0dBu) – no compression
  • THD+N >= 1% – at maximum compression level
  • Input impedance: 20kohm
  • Output impedance: < 100ohm
  • Max signal level: +24dBu
  • Crosstalk:< -80dB
  • THD (MID switch): 1%
  • THD (HIGH switch): 3%
  • Attack: 0.5,1,3,10,30,50 (ms)
  • Release: 0.1,0.3,0.6,0.9,1.8,3.6 (s)
  • SC Filter: 60,90,150 Hz
  • Power consumption: 190mA per rail
  • Dimensions : 76x133x158mm

WesAudio Titan 500 Series Rack Description

_TITAN is complete recall system designed to provide total integration with your beloved analogue equipment. It implements special connector which is part of new open standard “ng500” – “Next Generation 500 series” where modules can be designed to communicate with outside environment to support digital recall or any other vendor specific functionalities. “ng500” connector is compatible with most of standard 500 series modules* and allows total integration with GCon compatible modules. _TITAN supports USB connection, which can be used to directly connect workstation to your modules, and Ethernet connection where modules can be accessed through LAN network (currently only one subnet is supported). Documentation along with dedicated software framework (including high level API and firmware drivers) will be part of GCon open specification(**) and each vendor can acquire it for free.


  • GCon compatible frame which allows to commnicate with modules through single connection.
  • USB connection to manage up to 10 modules.
  • Ethernet connection (UDP based) to manage up to 10 modules (LAN single subnet).
  • GConManager application which allows to manage stereo links.
  • Internal audio signals are routed into special connector (I.A.C. “Internal Audio Connector”) accessible on 10th slot, which allows integration with “Summing Modules” or “Audio interfaces”.
  • Stereo links are integrated with modules, and pressing “Link” button on modules which supports GCon protocol (e.g. _Mimas) sets stereo link on the _Titan.
  • Open Specification – documentation and software framework including communication drivers for any Vendor that would like to adopt to this standard.
  • 10 slots with ng500 series connector.
  • Remote firmware upgrade – _Titan & all modules inside can be upgraded remotely through USB or Ethernet connection.
  • XLR sockets in/out for each slot.
  • Internal stereo link switches which can be also managed through GConManager standalone application.
  • Linear power supply capable to deliver 5A of power.
  • Power mode switch – 115V/230V.
Our ONE WITH EVERYTHING ZEN WARRANTY extends the standard manufacturer warranty by one year, see our ZEN WARRANTY page for details.