Zen Warranty

Zen Warranty: ONE With Everything

Adds an Extra Year FREE:

  • One year warranty = two!
  • Two year warranty = three!
  • Three year warranty = four!
  • And so on...

Our Extended Warranty:

  • Is Free Of Charge, You Just Pay Our Regular Web Price*
  • Adds One Year Coverage to Manufacturer's Written Warranty Period
  • Does Not Alter Eligibility Or Require Additional Registration On Your Part

What Is Covered:

  • All Brand New Items Purchased at ZenPro Audio at Web Price*
  • Any Parts & Labor Repairs Normally Eligible Under Repair Warranty
  • New Purchases, We Extend Coverage To The Original Buyer (Not Transferable)

Why Our Warranty Rocks

  • It's Real, And Isn't Full Of Slick Wording That Negates Our Duty To Help
  • It Actually Adds To The Warranty Period, It's Not Concurrent or Parallel
  • Created by People Who Use Gear, Not Lawyers Playing With Legal Language

Our Philosophy Behind It

After pondering how we could offer more peace of mind coverage to ZenPro customers, I was shocked to see so many respected sellers out there using slick language to literally trick buyers into thinking they were getting so much more, until you read and actually understand the fine print. One “Free 2 Year Warranty” turns out to be concurrent, which means it runs from the time you purchase the gear and doesn't extend any warranties that are 2 years or over. Another “Extended Warranty” lists almost 30 ways they don't cover you, and several of those listed literally state that it doesn't have to really cover you anyhow.

While our free warranty doesn't add protection for things like abuse or non-warranty conditions, nor does it imply liability on the part of ZenPro Audio, it actually extends what the gear maker put in writing concerning coverage time frames on parts and labor repair issues. We have no disclaimers to add! 

Be sure to register your new gear purchase with the manufacturer, upon receipt, to receive coverage from them (and for us to be able to extend that established coverage).

If You Need Help

  • Contact ZenPro Audio With Original Purchase Info, and Description Of The Problem
  • ZenPro Audio Will Instruct You How and Where to Send the Gear For Service
  • Ship the Gear Using the Info Supplied by ZenPro Audio, You Will Be Contacted Upon Receipt

If you should have any questions about this or any other info at ZenPro Audio, please contact us for clarity. Happy customers make us a happy dealer!

Zen Warranty was launched on May 8th, 2014 and covers purchases completed after this date.

*Discounted items whether purchased alone, with free items or in a discounted package are not regular web price and not eligible for extended warranty. If an item lists free cables, you are welcome to select this extended warranty instead (you choose one or the other).