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This test doesn't "cost" anything, please read. USA customers only.

Purchase this test for $100, we email you a $100 DISCOUNT CODE good towards your converter purchase at ZenPro!

How it Works

  • Choose your preferred sampling rate and purchase
  • We email you links to hear tested converters in full .WAV format
  • Listen to the files, compare with your ears and choose
  • We email you a $100 off code good for any tested converter listed here
  • Add your chosen converter to cart, enter that code in checkout
  • Purchase at $100 off and enjoy!

What Will I Hear? (Samples below)

Testing Details

Here at ZenPro Audio we deliver more info before the sale, and our internal DAW testing is a 100% fair and repeatable way of hearing the actual differences in these devices regardless of their cost. After you've narrowed down the feature set you require (channel count I/O, digital connectivity, driver requirements for your computer or software) then the only thing left is to use your ears. That's where we come in with real info.

We built a 24 track 5.6mhz DSD song section (verse and chorus) using full drum kit, percussion, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, lead and background vocals, then convert to PCM via software in each available sampling rate (44.1 to 192) and send each track out via the DA and back into the AD and re-record each of them using the same Mogami cable into our purpose built PC and normalize all 24 tracks separately.

Next the mix is performed the same way using the same mixer settings in Nuendo, and export the mix in each captured sampling rate. In the end what we are left with is a stereo mix revealing the accumulated effect of recording a 24 track project with each hardware converter at all available sampling rates with only one thing changing in each test: THE CONVERTER.

This isn't a loop-back style test or an indirect comparison with different software, cables etc. This is a 100% purpose built and repeatable result and lets you hear the result on a typical project when it's mixed down. Some differences may shock you, others will be so hard to hear it's not worth worrying about. Either way it gives you the confidence to stop guessing and move on to a new converter set.

Tested Models You Will Hear Compared

*Antelope Goliath and Zen Tour have identical circuitry (analog and digital signal paths) as Orion Studio

Additional Info

Test is for USA ZenPro Audio customers to hear, then purchase AD/DA converters here. International territories are restricted on many converter brands we carry so this is not for international use / purchase.

We have chosen to share these files with serious ZenPro Audio customers in this manner, and are happy to be providing this info so that you can make the right purchase here.

Files remain the property of ZenPro Audio LLC and cannot be re-uploaded or shared privately or publicly for any reason. These files are for a one time use by the purchaser to make a buying decision at ZenPro Audio, ownership of these files is neither transferred or implied.

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