Lindell Audio Lin 76 Launch, Hear it Now

Lindell Audio Lin 76 Launch, Hear it Now

Posted by Warren Dent on Aug 02, 2022

Introducing the Lindell Audio Lin 76 Compressor at ZenPro Audio.

Lindell Audio has come out swinging once again, this time with an 1176 clone for only $399! It's got the look and it's got the sound, you can all buttons in your tracks until the cows come home just like any other. They've even chosen Cinemag USA for the transformer, a real feat in this price range.

ZenPro Audio was able to receive a unit and spend the day with it to compare to tons of compressors, including every popular 1176 clone on the market (and the UA). It's easy to hear the tone and action of this unit for sure.

Hear The Gear

Also, we have stock and parts on the way to launch our ZenPro Mod stereo linked pairs which are available for pre-order. At this price it's a ridiculous deal, and offers you the ultimate in flexibility for tracking, stereo buss work or mixing.

You can pre-order the Lindell Audio Lin 76 Stereo Link Pair here.