ZOMBIE Microphone Booster Cable

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Microphone Booster Cable™ - All-In-One Cable + Booster Amplifier For Passive Dynamic and Ribbon Microphones

Your dynamic and ribbon microphones are the perfect match for your voice or instrument, but your preamps aren't quite up to the task, leaving you with low audio levels or ending up with too much noise with wide open but limited gain. Meanwhile you've got a perfectly good power source, +48V Phantom Power, available but not being utilized.

This is where the Microphone Booster Cable™ comes in!

Available exclusively from ZOMBIE Cable™, we've combined a high quality microphone cable with an integrated phantom powered booster amplifier which adds up to +32dB of gain at the press of a button (simply turn on your available +48V Phantom Power).

It really is that simple, and doesn't require any additional connections to be made for the shortest, cleanest path possible.

How It Works

  • Choose the length of cable desired
  • Plug in your passive microphone and preamp
  • Engage +48V Phantom Power
  • Enjoy up to +32dB more gain!

Perfect For

  • Podcasters
  • Studio Recording
  • Live Performances
  • Anyone using a dynamic or ribbon microphone that has +48V Phantom Power available, who could use more output gain


  • Preamp with +48V Phantom Power
  • Passive microphone (dynamic and ribbon style)

Popular Microphones

  • Shure SM7B / SM57 / SM58
  • Electro-Voice RE20 / RE27
  • Heil PR40 / PR30 / PR20
  • Sennheiser MD421 / MD441
  • Rode Podcaster
  • Coles 4038
  • AEA R84
  • Beyerdynamic M160
  • ...many more

Other Advantages

  • Low self noise
  • Simple, robust design
  • Shortest signal path
  • No additional connections between microphone and preamp

Quality Parts

  • High quality Toshiba transistor
  • High quality Vishay resistors
  • High quality Neutrik Gold XLR connectors
  • High quality Mogami W3080 balanced cable
  • NO capacitors in the signal path!

Available Lengths

  • 3 Foot
  • 6 Foot
  • 10 Foot
  • 15 Foot
  • 20 Foot
  • 25 Foot
  • Custom lengths available, contact us

*Not designed for and will not work with condenser style, or any phantom powered microphones.

LIFETIME UNDEAD WARRANTY: We stand behind our assembly and will repair or replace any ZOMBIE Cable that has only been used for its intended audio purposes that does not have its head cut off (known fact: this is the best way to kill a zombie, it's also the only way to kill your warranty). Component (parts used) failure for any reason (including but not limited to abuse or misuse) is subject to each manufacturer's rules and warranty, should such a case arise.