dbx 500 Series Gear Compared and Tested at ZenPro, Hear and Buy Now

dbx 500 Series Gear Compared and Tested at ZenPro, Hear and Buy Now

Posted by Warren Dent on Nov 19th 2015

dbx has released a bold and affordable offering in the API 500 format, and ZenPro Audio has received these models in stock and tested all of them.

dbx 580 Mic Pre

dbx 520 De-esser

dbx 560a Compressor

dbx 510 Bass Synthesizer

You can hear clips of each in our Clipalator media player.

What is so special about each?

dbx 580: A unique microphone preamp circuit brings +60dB of gain, and the variable low-cut filter allows you to carve off excess bass while tracking (proximity effect on vocals etc). The high and low "detail" circuits bring clarity and boost to their respective ranges, so you can add size or air...or both. There is also a 1/4" instrument input on the face for easy recording of bass, synths etc.

dbx 520: Here's something dbx has always been good at, and they continue to excel with this unit. Choose your frequency range and amount of reduction, and you're done. Based on the original 902, you can also dial in reductions for instruments and drums as well.

dbx 560a: Based on the famous 160a, the famous "overeasy" mode makes vocal tracking a breeze with an old and familiar control. Want to smack drums around? The hard knee mode is excellent at taming peaks, famously I might add, so slap a pair on kick and snare and make everything go SPLAT.

dbx 510: Add an extra octave of depth to your bass heavy sources, go deeper than ever with ranges all the way down to 24Hz. Add subharmonic drive and grit on the fly, getting down and dirty with ease.

The bottom line is that these units feel well built and each tackles a specific duty at an incredibly low price. They are easy to navigate and have a familiar, old school control and sound that means...music.

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