Chris Lord-Alge's Black Lion Audio BLUEY Arrives

Chris Lord-Alge's Black Lion Audio BLUEY Arrives

Posted by Warren Dent on Jan 03, 2020

We received a very small shipment of Black Lion Audio Bluey units, and I immediately got to work adding it to our Clipalator compressor collection. You've got to hear this unique 1176!

So what is Bluey all about? It's a clone of CLA's all time favorite vocal compressor, and has some unique characteristics from modifying and repairing over the years. Black Lion Audio has recreated the values of Bluey so that you can own it too.

What do I hear? I hear what amounts to an excellent specimen of a Blue Stripe 1176, the action is all there and just as predictable as any 1176 with a signature sound. The audio and tone is simply more brilliant, there is a sheen and presence to it you're not used to with a standard 1176. Also, under extreme compression Bluey retains a more open sound so it's not a closed or murky result when things really get serious.

I believe that last part is what makes Lord-Alge prefer it on vocals. You want it pinned to the surface but not dark. It retains the edge you need for a stand out track. Take a listen for yourself!

Fun fact: the designers at Black Lion Audio also recreated CLA's SSL console insert send / return, which mimicks the input and output loading in his SSL setup. A little piece of CLA's SSL console is in every Bluey.

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