Latch Lake Spin Grip Mic Mount

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Your mics can do backflips now, literally! Choose chrome or black finish.

The Spin Grip Mic Mount, one of the final tweaks to the original micKing3300, singlehandedly fixed the long standing joke of "positionable" microphone mounts. Due to it's high popularity within the micKing product line, we made the SGMM a stand alone accessory, accessible to owners of non-Latch Lake microphone stands. With a positionable range of 295º, the SGMM utilizes a 3" disk break capable of locking the heaviest of microphones in place. It's first of its kind to enable a free spinning thread system when unlocked, allowing you to spin the threads on to your microphone, not spinning your microphone on to the threads.

The basic SGMM comes with 1x 5/8"-27 thread extender (Thread Saver) to facilitate short threads often found on most microphone stands. It's mounting point is a 5/8"-27 thread for US microphones, we do also offer an adaptor for European threads.

Our ONE WITH EVERYTHING ZEN WARRANTY extends the standard manufacturer warranty by one year, see our ZEN WARRANTY page for details.