Crane Song Insigna


Crane Song enters the 500 EQ arena and comes out swinging with this 3 band tube design for API Lunchbox!

INSIGNA is a tube equalizer in a 500 series package, using a dual triode circuit with a 12AX7 tube. It has 3 bands and filters.

Crane Song Insigna Features

  1. 24 db/oct high pass and low pass filters each with 7 frequencies
  2. Top and bottom band are shelving each with 8 frequencies
  3. Mid band is peaking with 8 frequencies

The three bands work by using buffered RC circuits in the negative feedback path around the tube amplifiers. The result is a fat sounding eq rich in second harmonic triode tube color.

Our ONE WITH EVERYTHING ZEN WARRANTY extends the standard manufacturer warranty by one year, see our ZEN WARRANTY page for details.

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