xqp 535A 2 Band Baxandall 500 Series EQ Launched

xqp 535A 2 Band Baxandall 500 Series EQ Launched

Posted by ZenPro Audio on Jan 10, 2022

xqp has been cranking out useful 500 series modules for many years now. This tiny company out of Oklahoma USA is the epitome of boutique pro audio, yet if you look at their insanely affordable pricing you'd never know an American guy is sitting there constructing every piece by hand.

The new xqp 535A is an upgrade from their former 535 in a couple of ways.

You get a bit more boost available, while at the same time they eliminated two amplified stages. Also there is a hi-pass filter on board.

Lets face it, during the tracking process you might add a touch of brightness or bring some low end size, or thin it out, without gouging midrange frequencies. This makes Baxandall equalizers an easy reach, which can also be re-created later for overdubs. You can quickly bring out the air of a vocal, or suppress the brightness of a microphone, or fatten and thicken things up, or get rid of low end boom and woof...in an instant!

Now available and shipping at ZenPro Audio, and you can hear it in our Clipalator media player as well.