WesAudio's Rhea Compressor Joins our Clipalator, Now Shipping

WesAudio's Rhea Compressor Joins our Clipalator, Now Shipping

Posted by Warren Dent, ZenPro Audio on Sep 01, 2021

The WesAudio Rhea 500 series stereo compressor is now in stock and shipping at ZenPro Audio, and as always we've quickly added it to our Clipalator media player so you can hear it and compare to dozens of other compressors instantly!


Variable Mu tube compressor designs tend to have a range that is easy to dial in, and it does what it does. In other words the setup time is minimized which is perfect for tracking, where you don't have to press an artist for enormous amounts of test takes just to dial it in. Once you find that range you're in control.

All of the controls are laid out simply and efficiently, and the touch responsive LED meters built in around each knob are a very nice touch which makes work even easier.

The fast attack is...well...fast! Even drums are quickly subdued in that glue-y sort of manner. Also the fast attack unlike some other tube compressor designs does not just instantly distort. Speaking of distortion, that's where the THD settings come in.

THD is subtle but has that presence and "edge" you expect from good tube distortion. Driven yet still detailed, there is an excitement that is easily heard by engaging this circuit.

Nevermind that you can control all of this via USB in your DAW.

Give the Rhea a listen in our Clipalator compressor folder now!