Warm Audio WA87 R2 Now In Our Clipalator

Warm Audio WA87 R2 Now In Our Clipalator

Posted by Warren Dent on Sep 24, 2020

Head on over to the ZenPro Audio Clipalator media player to hear the new Warm Audio WA-87 R2 (Revision 2) microphone against an original WA87. Oh, and of course we modified a new R2 with the AMI TAB T13 transformer to hear the result of that as well. Drums, grand piano, acoustic guitar and female vocals round out our testing. All mics were lined up side by side so that a single performance is used for a fair comparison. 

Warm upgraded some internal components, following the original U87 electronics path as closely as possible, with transformer and capacitor changes that net a subtle, but noticeable sound difference.

Now in stock and shipping at ZenPro Audio in both nickel and black finish!

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