The Chandler REDD Microphone works in ways you need for modern DAW recording.

The Chandler REDD Microphone works in ways you need for modern DAW recording.

Feb 27th 2018

Chandler Ltd REDD Microphone Product Page

Hear it in the Clipalator microphone folder now.

We could just say the REDD Microphone is a great microphone, hanging with everything else in its price range if not surpassing it in detail, tone and depth. The real deal is you're getting an entire toolbox at your disposal that benefits any recording to digital medium you could capture.

There is a soft saturation characteristic to this mic that produces a hotter, average volume. This means vocals that sound more pinned to the surface, finished sounding and in your face. It is rounding off peaks without sounding like a hard clip, think of it as a natural compression happening. The DRIVE circuit takes this even further, creating an exciting harmonically rich bit of "hair" around your instrument or vocal that reminds me of the old recordings we all know and love.

On drums it's possibly the nicest single overhead sound I've heard in our room, on our DW kit. There is a balance and even response that ensures the snare stays tucked in where it belongs while bringing up the kick nicely. We did engage the 10dB pad on drums with great effect. The presence and punch just sounds like a record.

Piano and guitars both benefit as well, and just sound huge. Of course you can contour the low end by pulling the output knob out on the power supply, for close work without woofy bass.

If you're in the market for a vintage tube condenser mic, going to go ahead and say if you only want one the Chandler Ltd REDD is an easy recommendation. It's also an easy recommendation as an addition to any collection though, and may replace mics you never thought would go back in their case.

Yes, it's that good.

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