Tannoy Gold Series Monitors Land at ZenPro

Tannoy Gold Series Monitors Land at ZenPro

Posted by Warren Dent on Feb 13, 2020

So far it's the Tannoy Gold 7 that we've received, but our initial impressions are that this is an incredible speaker that delivers exactly what we expected...but not in a boring way! It's just that we know the Tannoy sound of yesteryear and there it is.

The imaging in dual concentric designs is amazing, and the new Gold series is no exception. The exact location of every single thing in a mix is laser sharp, unlike many traditional 2 way designs that just physically cannot deliver the same pinpoint accuracy. The response sounds quite linear in our control room, with a bass response that is very tight without flub. Midrange is clear, and the top end response set flat or at -1 is very natural and open.

Volume wise these things really get LOUD. There's a limiter built in, but you have a long way to go before engaging it. In our 12x14' room they definitely filled it up.

Distortion also is quite low, there is a clarity to these that is well above its asking price.

In this price range this may be the one to beat, we'll report back when the Gold 5 and Gold 8 start shipping but for now we can clearly say Gold 7 is a winner.

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