Pinnacle Microphones (formerly Cascade) Back On Our Shelf

Pinnacle Microphones (formerly Cascade) Back On Our Shelf

Posted by Warren Dent, ZenPro Audio on Oct 04, 2022

Cascade Microphones is now shipping again, under the new name Pinnacle Microphones.

At ZenPro Audio, we don't stock a ton of inexpensive ribbon microphones because of quality issues, but Cascade has long been a favorite not only for reliable quality but the ability to modify them with Lundahl transformers and kick up their already great sound a notch.

Due to supply chain issues we are waiting on Lundahl transformer stock to arrive but at the time of this launch we do have select Fat Top (formerly Fat Head) and Vinnie (formerly Vin-Jet) singles ready to go.

We compared them side by side, it's the exact same microphone all the way down to the screws...just a new name.