New Auratone 5C Active Pairs Shipping at ZenPro

New Auratone 5C Active Pairs Shipping at ZenPro

Jun 18, 2022

The long anticipated active plug & play versions of the classic 5C are here!

The Auratone 5C, available in both black and woodgrain finishes, are a top seller at ZenPro Audio for a reason. They provide an insight into your mixes like no other speaker, with decades of reputation to back them up as a go to source for real world translation. There is a familiar sound to them, like a grocery store or gas station sound system, or even your car. The single driver experience is still prevalent in the world, and the 5C perfectly delivers.

The other thing though? Seating a vocal into the mix with the 5C is practically an other worldly experience. Their midrange focus, especially at low mixing volumes, can give you that last bit of info where a vocal is maybe half a dB too hot or too buried in the mix. It will just sound off instantly.

Pick up a pair of these powerful tools today at ZenPro Audio.