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Morton Kicktone Microphone: WOW, it's the kick drummiest sounding kick drum mic ever!

Posted by Warren Dent on

I'll admit when I was contacted about the Morton Microphone Systems Kicktone mic I had zero info on this startup company. Taking a look around I saw where they had done fundraising to start the company, and were just coming to market. Our response was to ask for a mic to be sent over (final production version) to test it before signing on as a stocking dealer.

As a drummer and engineer I was really blown away by its construction and design, but mostly by the way it SOUNDS. It literally sounds like the entire kick drum, all from one phase coherent microphone. Go listen to our Clipalator (microphone folder, choose the MMS Kicktone) and hear it vs my Electro Voice ND868 (my go to kick mic for at least a decade).

Simply put it uses a speaker for the sub-bass, but also uses a separate microphone to capture all of the slap and detail for a full bodied sound top to bottom.

In stock and shipping at ZenPro!

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