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Electro-Voice ND Series Dynamic Mics, Hear and Compare in the Clipalator

Posted by Warren Dent on

Electro-Voice introduced the new ND series of dynamic, moving coil microphones to replace the old N/DYM series. As a fan and current owner of both the N/D468 and N/D868 I wanted to know the differences between these new models. 

You can hear them all side by side by visiting the Clipalator now!

The models tested are:

Electro-Voice ND44

Electro-Voice ND46 (replaces N/D468)

Electro-Voice ND68 (replaces N/D868)

Source material:

Toms (ND44, ND46 and old N/D468)

Kick (ND68 and old N/D868)

Electric Guitar (ND44, ND46 and old N/D468)

All models are in stock and shipping at ZenPro Audio.

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