Drawmer 1970 Arrives, In The Clipalator Now

Drawmer 1970 Arrives, In The Clipalator Now

Posted by Warren Dent, ZenPro Audio on Feb 26, 2020

You would be hard pressed to find a compressor more outfitted for stereo mix buss work than the Drawmer 1970, but interestingly enough it brings features like preamps and instrument input (with EQ) to make it a box that can carry you through tracking sessions as well.

This 2RU FET dual mono or linkable compressor has that classic, authoritative control you expect from a good FET. It handles peak as well as program in a predictable way and gives you an adaptive PGM (program) release that makes dialing in a mix smooth and quicker. The separate LED gain reduction meters are nice to have with the output metering being reported on the VU meters always (no need to switch back and forth). The build quality feels great, it's exactly what you expect from Drawmer for sure. Soundwise the unit is robust on both the preamp / DI front, and as a line level compressor, without bringing "color" to the sound.

You can hear the 1970 now in our preamp and compressor folders in the ZenPro Audio Clipalator media player. In stock and shipping!

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