Cranborne Audio Carnaby 500 Harmonic EQ Launch

Cranborne Audio Carnaby 500 Harmonic EQ Launch

Posted by Warren Dent, ZenPro Audio on Mar 28, 2023

Cranborne Audio has launched a very unique hardware equalizer for 500 series, the Carnaby, which employs several unique features including the ability to stereo link them with the flip of a switch!

The Carnaby 500 is dubbed a "harmonic eq" which is another way of saying it brings character via a controllable distortion circuit. From individual tracks to drum buss to synths to your final mix, Carnaby is ready for it all. High, low and midrange controls give you broad sculpting power. Also, the ability to control input as well as output is unique, and allows you to really dial it in clean, integrate with any other gear more easily as well as push to exploit its character.

Ships soon, ZenPro Audio is taking orders now and will add to our Clipalator soon!

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