Black Lion Audio's B172A Compressor Tested, 2 in 1 Design

Black Lion Audio's B172A Compressor Tested, 2 in 1 Design

Posted by Warren Dent, ZenPro Audio on Feb 28, 2020

If you're an old timer, or maybe a guy who reads WAY too many've heard of the old two compressors in series trick for sources like vocals. Some people say 1176 into LA2A, some say LA2A into 1176 is preferred. The interesting thing about the Black Lion Audio B172A is you can do both separately or routed to the other before the output if you choose. It's two beasts in one box no matter what your need!

The short story is the "17" side hangs with any 1176 we've tested, and the "2A" hangs with any LA2A we've tested. For tracking purposes the possibilities are endless, as normally I personally compress bass guitar and vocals if recording a band to keep the dynamic range under control on the way in. 17 on bass and 2A on vocal covers that very nicely in one box. If just tracking vocals though you have 2 vastly different styles ready to go, but combined they create a new situation where you can allow each compressor to do a little LESS control which results in a vocal that sounds pinned to the surface, without the obvious side effects of slamming one compressor hard and hearing artifacts more easily.

So it can be one single vocal chain that delivers an effortless control once dialed in, but remain open without pumping.

We processed the 17 and 2A sides separately, but also ran each side into the other on drums as well as female vocals to hear what it can do. It's a remarkable result to say the least. Go listen to the B172A in our Clipalator compressor folder now, and it's now shipping at ZenPro Audio!

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