API Select Series, Hear It In Our Clipalator

API Select Series, Hear It In Our Clipalator

Posted by Warren Dent on Sep 27, 2021

The all new API Select series of gear is here, on our shelf, and you can hear it first in our Clipalator at ZenPro Audio!

API is expanding its range with this new series, bringing a more diverse selection...including tube gear. Yes, API now has a tube preamp (T12) and an FET / tube compressor (T25). These units deliver the tone you expect from great tube gear and that compressor is a very predictable, easy to dial in machine. It's kind of like an 1176 that is more friendly to fast transients but still has incredibly quick control. The THRUST circuit keeps the high frequencies more intact, even under deep compression so things like vocals still sound open.

The SR range brings you updated versions of the old JDK brand, the SR24 brings you 4 bands of bell equalizer to gently sculpt during tracking or mixdown, and the SR22 is one of the easiest to use auto style compressors around. There wasn't a single source that got tricky, including mix buss. I was very pleasantly surprised at the function of this unit, it could easily carry you through the entire recording process (I really really like the soft knee on almost any source).

In stock and now shipping at ZenPro!