Bettermaker Mastering Compressor

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When you need the action of a classic VCA, but the control of a plugin!

The Bettermaker Mastering Compressor was designed to have the greatest flexibility of any analog compressor, while still allowing absolute recall and repeatability. We often found the strengths of software plug-ins wasn’t their sound, but the ability to quickly audition different settings. This allowed us to make faster, better informed musical choices. The ability to jump back and forth between (sometimes vastly different) settings allowed us to keep a clear vision of the sonic goal in mind, while quickly making decisions on the best setting to use. However, we recognized the sonic superiority of our analog gear compared to their digital counterparts. In countless shoot-outs, the analog versions always won. Since we’re a company that cares about better sound over processing speed, our engineers would take the extra time to use a full analog chain because it simply sounds better. We developed the Bettermaker Mastering Compressor to give us the speed of plug-ins, but the fidelity of analog domain.


  • advanced analog VCA compressor with PEAK or RMS detection and switchable forward/backward feed
  • all parameters are digitally controlled via front panel and/or DAW (with dedicated plugin)
  • stereo, dual-mono and mid/side operation modes with with focus and sidechain preview function
  • our famous BM, SG and DX modes
  • adjustable 15 – 30 Hz high pass filter at the compressor input
  • dry/wet MIX control for parallel compression
  • HPF, LPF and fully configurable parametric filter in sidechain with option of hardware insert
  • adjustable drive (for odd/even clipper) and THD function for harmonically rich sound
  • Range Setting – limit the maximum amount of gain reduction!
  • on-board measurement of PEAK/RMS levels
  • 100% analog audio signal path
  • total recall and A/B comparison
  • five inch capacitive touchscreen with backlight
  • USB connectivity with MAC/PC


  • Frequency response 10Hz to 22kHz (+/- 0.2 dB)
  • Dynamic range: 106dB (+23dBu, 22kHz BW)
  • S/N ratio: 87dB (A-weighted, +4dBu, 22kHz BW, unity gain)
  • Crosstalk: -83dB @ 1kHz, +18dBu, channel-to-channel
  • CMRR: max 85 dB @ 3 kHz, min 52 dB @ 20Hz, 20 kHz BW
  • THD: 2nd: < 0.06%, 3rd: < 0.01%; 4th: < 0.006%; (+4 dBu, 20-20 kHz, unity gain, THD and CLIP disabled)
  • balanced stereo input (XLR), 23dBu max input level (THD < 0.2%)
  • balanced stereo output (XLR), 23dBu max output level (THD < 0.2% into >2kohm)
  • Input impedance (differential): 48kΩ (for balanced signal)
  • Output Impedance: 50Ω + 50Ω (electronically balanced)
  • 2U enclosure, 230mm deep (Mastering Compressor)
  • 1U enclosure, 230mm deep (Bus Compressor)
  • universal 100 – 240V power supply designed by Bettermaker
  • Maximum power consumption: 25W
  • Shipping weight: 5.5 kg (Mastering Compressor), 5 kg (Bus Compressor)

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