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What can I say, Drumagog is just so stinkin easy its ridiculous. Sometimes you just want to replace the kick drum of a crap drummer who just cant hit it right every time, so you just take away all dynamic response and rock on with it with no worries. Sometimes you just want to blend a snare with another snare for body, not necessarily a full replacement. Sometimes toms are just not tuned right for the key of the song and cause issues, so you replace them all together. Either way, Drumagog is one of those few tools that you can surely say can save a mix when youve been dealt a rotten hand with drums. Of course the other side of it is, most heavier bands these days want that sample replaced sound anyhow. I am not an in depth user of Drumagog, but I use it and know enough to tell you that its one of the few programs where it kind of feels like cheating but you dont CARE because it helps.

Conclusion: A serious program that even a guy like me who isnt super computer oriented can dial in and be on my way with in a heartbeat. I also use Stephen Slate drums at times with it, an excellent addition to Drumagog and a huge library of sounds.

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