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Roll Music FOLCROM
Passive Summing Device, 16 in 2 out, FREE DSUB Cable Promo!
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Roll Music FOLCROM Description

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Tired of the flat, narrow sound of your Digital Audio Workstation? Do individual tracks sound full and deep while whole mixes sound lifeless and thin? Can you go analog without sacrificing the recall ability of the DAW or parting with the space and money required for a large automated console? Break out of the box and let your mixes breathe again.

The RMS216 FOLCROM is a high quality passive mixer intended for analog summing of multichannel digital mixes. The sound is up to you and your preamps.

Each of the Folcrom's sixteen input channels features a balanced analog connection on standard 8-channel DB25 connectors and a pair of pushbutton switches to assign that channel to the Left or Right output, neither, or both. It uses no active circuitry and provides no gain or level controls. By controlling all aspects of the mix from within the DAW, automation and recallability are perfectly preserved. Up to 16 different tracks or submixes can then be routed to the Folcrom for summing in the analog domain.

The absence of faders, EQ, aux sends, pan knobs, or any other superfluous features not only preserves your software automation, it also allows for an elegant passive circuit using no amplifiers, ICs, transistors, capacitors, or transformers whatsoever. The simplicity of the fully balanced, symmetrical signal path allows the use of no-compromise passive components for an absolutely transparent signal path. The unit passes signals "from DC to daylight" without coloration.

The output of the Folcrom is a stereo pair of balanced, 150-ohm signals on XLR connectors and requires approximately 30-40dB of make-up gain (program dependent). This signal is ideally suited for feeding into an outboard microphone preamplifier of your choosing. The mixbus is therefore able to assume the tonal character of the amplifier, providing a wide range of sonic flavors. Chances are your mike preamps just sit there unused at mixdown time anyway. Plug into your Great River MP-2 when you need pristine clarity; or put those old Telefunken or RCA tube preamps to work when you want super thick warmth.

By excluding the make-up gain amplifier from the Folcrom, we are able to provide a unique opportunity for wide tonal control by allowing you to choose your flavor of make-up gain. At the same time, it enables us to produce an ultimate quality summing buss without compromise for well under a thousand dollars. What other analog console can give you so many options, in a single rack space, and at such a reasonable price?

View Folcrom Product Brochure (PDF)

View Folcrom Product Manual (PDF)

Roll Music FOLCROM Specifications

  • Input Channels: 16
  • Input Impedance: 10k balanced
  • Recommended Source Impedance: <100
  • Maximum Input Level: +42dB rms
  • Output Channels: 2
  • Output Impedance: 150 balanced
  • Recommended Load Impedance: 1300
  • Output Level: -35dB nominal
  • Frequency Response: 0-500kHz
  • Crosstalk @1kHz: -90dB
  • Power Requirements: None

Roll Music Folcrom Review /

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Sometimes things just end up so simple it’s kind of silly. The Folcrom certainly falls into the easy to understand and use category, with the exception being that the ultimate “sound” it produces will be all about your makeup gain from your preamp choices during mixdown. The Folcrom is a very sturdy and well built summing device, it takes up to 16 balanced inputs via DSUB (Tascam standard) and sums them to a 150oHm rated stereo output via XLR connectors (150oHm being a common output impedence for microphones). You have the choice of left or right panning or center, and overall it’s easier to think in stereo groups.


There is no sound on its own really; it’s totally dependent on what you would use to makeup gain at the end of the chain (which is about +35dB needed from a mic preamp). Integrating can be very easy also as there really isn’t any gain to adjust and all panning is hard switchable. Got a pair of Neve, API, Daking, A-Designs, Phoenix Audio or other preamps? Seriously, you can take great advantage of them to alter the tone of your mixes when desired.


Conclusion: An easy to use device for those seeking external summing for DAW setups, you could also use it to submix effects in any setup if that fits your work pattern. The ability to choose different preamps for makeup gain make it a unique choice, and likely the most versatile dedicated “summing mixer” around.


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