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MOTU Recording Interfaces Now at ZenPro, Whether Windows or Mac They Rock

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Our DAW recording interface range expands in 2018 with the addition of MOTU hardware. Now featured in our ZenPro converter test, the MOTU stuff hangs with all of the expensive stuff and has an excellent range of features as well as channel I/O counts. Check out the entire offering, easy to use but it's the SOUND that has us smiling!

MOTU at ZenPro Audio

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Auratone Announced Mohogany Finish for 5C Monitors, Stock Arrives Early March at ZenPro

Saw these beauties at NAMM, and will also admit I'm the guy that's been telling Alex since day one that they really should be offering a woodgrain finish! Well they have finally done it, so the old look is back. Of course the speaker is the same instantly relate-able sound you expect. We bundle them [...]

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Chandler Limited is now at ZenPro, soon we'll be loading up the Clipalator!

I attended NAMM again this year, and when I approached Wade and Adam at the Chandler booth the immediate question was...why isn't ZenPro a dealer yet?It was definitely time to connect and move forward, so here we are. Tons of Chandler gear has now arrived, and we'll be testing it and posting audio files in [...]

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Morton Kicktone Microphone: WOW, it's the kick drummiest sounding kick drum mic ever!

I'll admit when I was contacted about the Morton Microphone Systems Kicktone mic I had zero info on this startup company. Taking a look around I saw where they had done fundraising to start the company, and were just coming to market. Our response was to ask for a mic to be sent over (final production [...]

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Electro-Voice ND Series Dynamic Mics, Hear and Compare in the Clipalator

Electro-Voice introduced the new ND series of dynamic, moving coil microphones to replace the old N/DYM series. As a fan and current owner of both the N/D468 and N/D868 I wanted to know the differences between these new models. You can hear them all side by side by visiting the Clipalator now!The models tested are:Electro-Voice ND44Electro-Voice [...]

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Warm Audio EQP-WA Matched Pair Mod, Choose Front or Rear Mount

Months ago we launched the Warm Audio EQP-WA Stereo Matched Pair, installing output pots on the rear of the unit so that users can perfectly match them left and right for mixing. It has quickly become a top seller here, and the mod was developed with Warm Audio so the full original warranty is intact just [...]

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The Clipalator Goes Universal...

The ZenPro Audio Clipalator media player has been a place for our customers to hear comparisons of most gear we sell, on the same tracks using the same processing by the gear, to get an idea of how they compare. It's the world's only repeatable database for studio gear, as we purposely designed it to allow us [...]

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dbx 500 Series Gear Compared and Tested at ZenPro, Hear and Buy Now

dbx has released a bold and affordable offering in the API 500 format, and ZenPro Audio has received these models in stock and tested all of them.dbx 580 Mic Predbx 520 De-esserdbx 560a Compressordbx 510 Bass SynthesizerYou can hear clips of each in our Clipalator media player.What is so special about each?dbx 580: A unique microphone [...]

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The Search for Talent Should Outweigh Your Search for Recording Methods, and Gear

I'm always perplexed by the cult of personality built up around recording engineers who have a legacy and history we all wish we had. I don't mean to belittle their achievements in even the slightest way, I'm saying that their path is their path and we have no way to emulate it at all. Are [...]

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​PSI Audio and ZenPro Audio in Booth 763 at AES New York, Stop By!

PSI Audio (manufacturer of high end, Swiss studio monitors) and ZenPro Audio (USA dealer) have a booth together at AES New York, on the floor of the Javits Center. We are on hand to demonstrate and discuss PSI Audio monitors and the New Old Sound McOne Active ZenPro Edition Monitor Controller, as well as meet [...]

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