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What We Do

ZenPro Audio is a worldwide seller of pro audio gear with a focus on recording studio needs. We are equipped with an onsite studio, more often than not we can give you great advice when you ask to compare _____ to _____ before making purchase decisions. I try and offer context and guidance when it comes to what you have and where you are trying to go. Ask those who know me and you'll know I do not try to push people into more expensive items unless they make absolute sense (many times I talk people out of purchases). I've been known to answer emails at all hours of the night, and make myself reasonably available by telephone during business hours (email is more efficient most times). Our Clip-A-Lator Gear Tests use audio and video to bring context to you before you buy. I have spent countless hours writing our Gear Reviews to help you in the decision making process. My love of coffee has led to our own "Zen Blend" which we give away as gifts with most USA orders. Strange and unknown gear is always fun, so I try to keep original offerings here as well as industry standards. When you place an order it is processed quickly and you are kept well informed.

What We Do Not Do

We don't stalk you on the telephone because you provided your phone number. We don't constantly spam you with jibberish emails. We don't just tell you that everything sounds "warm" and "awesome". We don't tell you something sucks because we don't sell it. We don't read from a screen what somebody else wrote about gear. We don't keep notes on file and ask you how your sick mother in law is doing a year later. We don't guide sales based on profit. We don't make stuff up if we don't know the answer. We don't pressure you into feeling a certain way about anything.

Why We're Easy

Our offering is very specific: great recording gear! Some companies take the "trying to please everybody" approach and maintain many thousands of item listings...of which they know very little about. My approach at ZenPro is providing you with the quickest path to "hey, that's what I want!" without all the clutter. Focused offerings, clear sorting and search functions all make ZenPro Audio the easiest recording site on the web to navigate. The fact that nearly every desirable brand is here under one roof means we can show you a solution quickly without too many choices (yes, there can be too many...do you want to read about gear or CAPTURE GOOD SOUND?).

Who I Am

ZenPro Audio is owned and operated by me, Warren Dent aka "Warhead". I frequent many of the online recording forums and have been a member of most of them since way before I ever started selling gear. I play keys and drums, but my love of recording others overtook my love of playing years ago. As a guy who uses this stuff I always felt like there was a need for a different kind of way to help people buy gear, and after many years of selling gear on the web I finally hit the right chord with ZenPro. I am constantly striving for better ways to help you make the right gear decisions. I am here to help, drop me an email with any questions you may have before or after a purchase.

Who We Are

"We" is everybody who helps me behind the scenes. My dear friend John Coyle is responsible for most of the images processed onto the site. Bob Moore of SoundLab performs tech and mod work, as well as lending an ear to new gear. Adam Quay (brother in law) processes banner and other images for us. My sons Alex and Gage stamp my logo onto the shipping boxes, as well as the coffee bags. My daughter Grace helps with filling the coffee bags. Lauren, our oldest, is likely going to be called upon for some video work soon (she does cool stuff even with Windows Movie Maker). My sons Michael and Nico are too young to help but the perfect age to come in here and bang on the drums while I'm trying to talk on the phone (my office is fairly soundproof so I can duck in there quick enough most times). My wife Amy will run packages across town to the FedEx pickup center when an express order comes in after our daily pickup, if she's not too tied up taking care of Mena, our newest baby.

Oh, and if you've been counting we have 7 kids, and yes we know what causes it...what girl can resist a gear salesman?

Where We Are

ZenPro Audio is located in Orangeburg SC, USA and ships everywhere daily.

We serve the world, and if you're in it we can help.

Our Goal

It is our wish that when you hear what you buy at ZenPro, it matches what you imagined.

We are a service oriented company and we know we must earn your business!

ZenPro Audio, LLC
119 Towhee Circle
Orangeburg, SC 29118 USA
Phone: 803-937-6012