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The main goal of acoustic treatments in most rooms is to reduce low frequency decay times and improve frequency response without over-damping the upper frequencies. We recommend starting with broad band bass traps (i.e. Soffit Traps, Monster, Tri Trap, 244) for the overall decay time, frequency response, reflection control, and SBIR mitigation.

After broadband control is applied and overall decay times are mostly in order, problems can still remain in the lower frequencies.  The Scopus Trap was specially designed for this need. It can be mounted directly in the corner to help with low end decay or mounted/stacked in “hot spots” to tame nulls and peaks.

Typical broadband options require a great deal of thickness to reach very low frequencies to the point of sometimes being impractical and can also over damp the higher frequencies.  Other bonded membrane absorbers do not have the high frequency issue but are still relatively broad in nature and usually still are absorbing up close to 1kHz.   Scopus Traps don’t have either of these issues.  They work in the desired range only, leaving your mids and highs in tact instead of just deadening your room.

The GIK Scopus trap takes low end control to new level with maximum targeted absorption using a membrane design with an air tight chamber.  Think of them like a drum in reverse.  When you strike a drum, it makes a sound based on the mass of the head and the size and depth of the drum body.  In the Scopus Trap, the sound strikes the ‘head’ and causes the membrane to move, absorbing the energy based on the mass of the membrane and the depth of the sealed cavity.

The Scopus Traps come in 3 different options that cover a frequency range from 35hz to 125hz. Center frequencies are 40 Hz, 70 Hz, and 100 Hz.  It is a perfect addition to rooms that already have broad band control, but are still require targeted control without absorbing above 125hz.   All of this in a package that is as thin as 4 inches!

GIK also offers the option to build the The Scopus Traps to target whatever center frequency  is required for your needs (please contact us). For professional, targeted bass control, look no further then the GIK Scopus (Tuned) Trap series.

GIK Scopus Tuned Bass Trap Features

  • 100% pressure based absorption
  • 3 standard options that cover 30hz to 135hz
  • Professionally built
  • 24”x24” footprint for flexible mounting positions
  • Easy to hang or stackable
  • Lab tested
  • Narrow, targeted absorption range (< 1 octave)
  • Custom tunings available
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