Silence AC hum forever! Do you hear a hum or buzz in your audio signal? Are long, unbalanced signals creating noise?

Almost all AC hum (60Hz in the U.S.) is caused by groundloops. Rather than filtering, the Hum Eliminator prevents groundloops from forming in the first place. Just plug the Hum Eliminator into the signal lines between offending pieces of equipment and you're done. Quick and easy.

No buzz. No signal degradation. No filtering. No noise gates. No dangerous ground lifts. No hum!

EBTECH HE 2 Features

  • Eliminates AC hum quick and easy
  • Breaks groundloops safely while leaving all signal grounds intact
  • Automatically translates signal voltages to match differences in ground potentials, avoiding clipping
  • Converts between balanced and unbalanced lines
  • 1/4 in. TRS 'smart' jacks (TRS) inputs and outputs
  • Completely passive design with audiophile quality components

Our ONE WITH EVERYTHING ZEN WARRANTY extends the standard manufacturer warranty by one year, see our ZEN WARRANTY page for details.

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