Buzz Audio ARC-1.1

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versatile investment

Quite simply, there is no other recording channel strip on the planet that has the versatility of the ARC-1.1. What you have here is a mic/line preamp, parametric equalizer and compressor/limiter that can be used in conjuction as a recording channel or, accessed as completely separate elements. The ARC is not just one piece of kit but multiple pieces bundled into one chassis with a clever relay routing system so you can assign each element to the main signal path or to externally accessed I/O.

audio path strengths

The signal path of the ARC utilizes high end audio amplifiers from Analog Devices which have been selected for their wide frequency response and naturally warm sound. The mic preamp input uses our BE40 True Class A amplifiers to provide impressively low noise at high gains. The output section of the ARC includes a switchable steel core transformer that adds a more vintage sound if so desired. (All componentry is "through hole", there is no sub-minature surface mount circuitry in this unit).

creative control

The extensive equalizer section includes a variable high pass filter, two parametic mid bands covering the full audio spectrum and bass/treble shelving bands. The compressor is a clone of our famous SOC-1.1 opto design and attached to that is a very fast FET limiter. Even more powerful, each band of the eq can be assigned to the side chain of the compressor for frequency dependant compression effects. Read the controls and functions section below to find out more about the creative versatility of the ARC-1.1.


  • Main Path Frequency Response (measured without EQ, Comp/Limiter or Tranny switched IN)
  • Mic Input to Mic Direct Out; 3Hz to 400kHz (-3dB)
  • Mic Input to Main Out; 4Hz to 400kHz (-3dB)
  • Bal Line Input to Main Out; 3Hz to 250Khz (-3dB)
  • Bal Line In with Tranny selected; 12Hz to 100kHz (+/-1dB),+5 @ 250Khz, -3dB @ 400Khz
  • Instrument Input to Main Out; 9Hz to 300kHz (-3dB)
  • External Path Frequency Response
  • Compressor External Path (no Limiter); 5Hz to 250kHz (-3dB)
  • Compressor External Path (with Limiter); 5Hz to 80kHz (-3dB)
  • Equaliser External Path (with all EQ zeroed and no HPF); 5Hz to 200kHz (-3dB)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion
  • Mic Input to Mic Direct Out; 100Hz=0.005% 1kHz=0.005% 10kHz=0.015%
  • Compressor External Path (no Limit, no GR); 100Hz=0.01% 1kHz=0.004% 10kHz=0.006%
  • Compressor External Path (with Limit, no GR); 100Hz=0.01% 1kHz=0.01% 10kHz=0.02%
  • Compressor External Path (10dB of GR @ 20:1, Rel at 16, +10dB Make Up Gain); 100Hz=0.15% 1kHz=0.15 10kHz=0.18%
  • Limiter in External Path (10dB GR, Release Slow); 100Hz=0.2% 1kHz=0.08% 10kHz=0.18%
  • Bal Line Input to Main Out; 100Hz=0.0015% 1kHz=0.001% 10kHz=0.001%
  • Bal Line Input to Main Out with Tranny; 100Hz=0.3% 1kHz=0.05% 10kHz=0.015
  • Instrument Input to Main Out; 100Hz=0.08% 1kHz=0.025% 10kHz=0.025%
  • Noise (all measured A weighted ref to 0dBu = 775mV RMS)
  • Mic Input (65dB gain, 150 ohm source impedance;) -71dBu (EIN 132.5dB
  • ) Bal Line In (10dB gain, 150 ohm source impedance); -95dBu
  • Unbal Line In (10dB gain, 0 ohm source impedance); -100dBu
  • Compressor External Path (no Limiter); -90dBu
  • Compressor External Path (with Limiter;) -80dBu 
  • Equaliser External Path (no cut/boost;) -90dBu Levels (0dBu = 775mV RMS)
  • Levels
  • Maximum Mic input level; +14dBu 
  • Maximum Bal Line input level; +23dBu (+33dBu with -10dB Pad engaged)
  • Maximum Unbal Line input level; +10dBu 
  • Maximum Output level (all outputs); +23.5dBu
  • Power requirements; 115V/230V selectable on rear panel 
  • Dimensions 2U rack mount, 300mm deep
  • Specifications are typical of a production unit and are subject to change without notice. 0dBu reference = 0.775 volts RMS.

Our ONE WITH EVERYTHING ZEN WARRANTY extends the standard manufacturer warranty by one year, see our ZEN WARRANTY page for details.

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