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Yamaha HS Series ZENPRO Mod Service
Mail In Modification Service for Yamaha HS Owners, Pair Pricing, USA ONLY
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Real Price............... $400.00 (+$60.00)
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Availability: No appointment necessary, 2-3 day turnaround time
Ships to: USA Only

Yamaha HS Series ZENPRO Mod Service (USA ONLY)

This page is for USA owners of the Yamaha HS series to send their own pairs to us for modification.

We sell brand new, full mod HS series speakers at ZenPro Audio (see our product listings).

All models of Yamaha HS series are the same mod, you can choose the modified version on each HS product page.

About the Mod:

We have always regarded the Yamaha HS series as a true performer in its price range, delivering well beyond its asking price while being dangerously close in delivery to speakers costing over twice the price. The 8” driver is fully capable of full bass response, as well as very decent midrange response (not the mess an NS10 spits out). The tweeter brings plenty of top end detail, but right out of the box it does have a texture to it that can add up over long listening periods. The amplifiers chosen by Yamaha are certainly decent enough, and are common in pro as well as hi-fi applications. The ported cabinet is an attractive and effective enclosure, certainly well matched to the drivers...and you have to admit that those white cones scream “I AM A STUDIO MONITOR!” which matters to potential clients.

The things that Yamaha really cheaped out on happen to matter a lot, mainly the input and filter / crossover network's op-amps (without a doubt chosen by the accountant, not a designer trying to build the best speaker) and many of the capacitors in the input section as well. Also, the built in limiter, while intended for protection of the 8” driver, essentially compresses the entire signal from 2k down and further degrades the “truth” about what you are actually mixing. These 3 areas could be viewed as beneficial in a way, as far as sounding closer to what a hi-fi playback system might sound like.

Our mods decidedly take the HS series into the “tell me the truth” area, and it becomes a totally different animal that sounds like an amp connected to a revealing pair of speakers that have a deep responsive bass (true to content), a clear and present midrange (awesome separation of mix elements) as well as an open and higher reaching top end (without the hash).

What We Do:
  • Stock op-amps are replaced with Burr Brown brand (which delivers over 10x the slew rate, increasing detail and clarity)
  • Electrolytic capacitors in the signal path are replaced with Panasonic low ESR type caps, in combination with high quality WIMA polypropylene caps
  • Limiter circuit is disabled (preventing compression of the bass response, and allowing midrange transients the ability to punch)
Who We Can Help:
  • USA residents who own the HS series, as well as all of the original packaging / shipping materials to safely send them in to us
Who We Cannot Help:
  • International customers cannot mail in for the mod, but are welcome to buy a new pair by contacting us for further info
  • USA residents who do not have the original styrofoam and box materials to ship the speakers in, we cannot accept those packages and deal with damage claims

How Long It Takes:

  • Typical turn around time is 2 to 3 business days if everything arrives in 100% working order
  • No appointment is necessary at this time

Where to Send Them:

After we confirm your order, send the HS pair (in original packaging only) to:

ZenPro Audio
Attn: HS Mod
119 Towhee Circle
Orangeburg, SC 29118
Phone: 803-937-6012


(2 Ratings, 2 Reviews) Average Rating:
Amazing difference!
Norm Johnson (Layton, UT) 4/14/2013 6:37 AM
I was a little wary sending in my only monitor speakers to be modded by a company I read about on gearslutz. Due to the good reviews though I tried it, and I couldn't be happier. I have a fully treated room that sounded good before with my HS80m speakers. I thought it sounded good then, but after this mod everything is now so clear and defined. I can hear the stereo location of an instrument so much easier and quicker. Really great product IMO! I'm very happy with the result!
Engineer - HeadRush Records
Nick Barker (Lexington, KY) 4/12/2012 2:36 PM
ok I'll be the first to review this mod. Been mixing on these HS80's for 4 years now so pretty familiar with strengths and weakness's of these monitors. Was about ready to sell these and get the Neumanns or Focals but noticed this mod service so after some conversations with Warren I decided to go with the mod. I've been mixing about a week with these and all I can say is WOW huge improvement. The things we noticed most was improvement in the stereo field. We can really hear where everything is placed now. Listening to our reference cd's we can hear details that were a little smeared before the mod but now they are crystal clear. Low end response seems a little tighter also. So..If you feel like you've outgrown your HS80's then this mod can bring new life to your monitors and probably save ya some coin also..Cheers