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APEX 460
Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser, multi-pattern, shock / cable / power / case
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Apex 460 Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser Description

Includes cable, shock mount, power supply and microphone, all in a flight case.

The Apex460 tube condenser microphone is perfect for recording both critical vocals and instruments. The dual diaphragm multi-pattern design gives you nine different polar pattern settings to get the perfect microphone sound for every studio application.

The Apex460 features dual 1-inch gold sputtered 5-micron diaphragms in a shockmount capsule. The 12AT7 vacuum tube pre-amp and capsule is suspended in a solid machined casing to further reduce tube-induced noise. The included external shock-mount suspension virtually eliminates vibration and handling noise, while at the same time safely securing the microphone in any position needed during the recording process.

One unique feature of this microphone is the nine different selectable polar patterns easily available from the selector switch on the front panel of the external power supply. Rather than limiting the user to the three popular patterns (Omnidirectional, Cardioid, and Figure Eight pattern) most commonly available, the Apex460 has three gradient stages between each pattern. This allows the studio engineer or home recordist far more versatility. In vocal applications where an omnidirectional pattern isn't quite 'fat' enough, but cardioid is too narrow, you now have three additional steps to find the right subtle mix between the two standard patterns. There are also three additional steps between cardioid and figure-8 pattern.

Due to their rugged construction, high SPL handling capability and affordable price, the Apex460 is also an outstanding choice for live sound reinforcement or live recording. They have proven themselves as overhead mics for drum kits, for guitar or bass cabinets where superior sound quality and high sound pressure handling is required, or as the mic of choice for saxophones, flutes, acoustic guitars or acoustic bass where subtlety and clarity is paramount.

APEX 460 Review / See All ZenPro Audio Reviews Here: Review Page


The APEX 460 is a mic that more than once has been found to be identical to re-branded mics costing 3 to 6 times its asking price. It’s also a favorite amongst the do it yourself mod crowd for capsule and tube swaps. I admit my only experience with it is right out of the box, stock, but here goes.


The mic is kind of bright, but I will say it’s less of an issue than others I’ve heard in this price range. The mids aren’t real forward which can give it that forgiving sort of sound by pulling back potentially nasty stuff. Low end response is tight, not a big deep sounding mic. There is some ‘sparkle’ to the sound and a decent amount of air, I find it better suited as a budget mic for acoustic instruments as it might be a little too pointy or bright on voice.


Conclusion: “Bang for the buck” it is, and has a fan base for a reason. Amazing what some other companies have gotten away with by selling this same mic dressed up, as “high end”. The 460 is a good addition to the home studio looking for a mic with cut and air.


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