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A-Designs EM-RED
Preamp for 500 Series, FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING
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A-Designs Audio EM-Red Description

The EM-Red comes with a 50/50 output transformer. A Designs Audio added a little kick to this one by changing the “Input Transformer,” as well. The results translates into more “Up Front Mids”! You may find this very useful when recording acoustic guitar with a condenser microphone.

As with all the 500 Series Pres A Designs Audio produces, there is a 48v Phantom Power Switch. With all the new condenser microphones on the market in a very wide price range, the engineer or musician now has limitless possibilities to choose from in their endless search for their “perfect sound.” You may also like to use the EM-Red for recording Toms, both rack and floor. 

A-Designs Audio EM-Red Specifications
1. -20dB Pad

2. Phase

3. 48v Phantom

4. Cast aluminum knob

5. Thumb Screws (for easy install and un-install)

6. Solid construction

7. Custom Wound Transformers (input and output)

8. Original Design (no CLONES)

9. Red LED indicator for Phantom power

When developing our product(s) A Designs Audio feels the need to place units into the hands of both the professional and the average end user. In doing so, we have learned from their experiences and they have passed valuable information on to us. This helps us to produce a product with pride of craftsmanship and knowing we helped, in some way, to continue to inspire the art of creating and recording. So, no matter what your needs are for recording the perfect sound, A Designs Audio can help you by providing a solid tool to contribute to the job.

A Designs EM Series Preamp Reviews / See All ZenPro Audio Reviews Here: Review Page


Based on the Pacifica’s design (very Quad Eight / Electrodyne-ish) these transformer in and out preamps have subtle character and a nice depth and tone to them that is useful on really anything. The differences between them aren’t night and day, but it’s very nice to be able to reach for a more specific sound if you are into preamp collections and reaching for different ones depending on the source and context. The input transformers are before the DI input as well, for more character. All of the units are 500 series compatible and of course require the 500HR power supply or other (API Lunchbox, etc).


P1: Closest in sound to the Pacifica, the output transformer is the only real difference (due to size, the Pacifica transformer could not fit in this box). The Pacifica sounds a touch bigger by comparison, the P1 essentially fills the same bill beyond that. Tight bottom end response, smooth midrange that stays up front nicely, and upper mids that bring more presence and definition in the mix, and a natural but detailed top. Depth and dimension are there as well.


EM BLUE: My favorite of the A Designs 500 series, the EM BLUE delivers sparkle and a ‘forgiving’ sound on everything. The BLUE delivers a similar tight bottom end response, and the mids / low-mids are gentle pulled back for a very clean sound that isn’t overly “scooped”, the top end brings a gentle air to things that always stays smooth but present. I just found it to give an enriched presentation of more things.


EM RED: Funny enough, I like to call the RED the “U47” of preamps. At least it sort of delivers what you expect in a U47 variation: big low end, forward low-mid and midrange info, and a darker top with a touch of electricity to it. Talk about punch, it’s accented right in the gut range and has a big, slightly rounded sound overall.


EM SILVER: This module has one of the more specific sounds to it, a definite curve to its response. The low end is big, deep and round, the low-mids are scooped back out of the way, the upper mids come back in a present sort of way, then the top end gentle drops off a bit again in a natural way. One of the few preamps I would say is sort of made for kick drum use.


EM GOLD: There is something mellow going on here with this transformer combination. The mids are extremely easy on the ears, transients are dealt with in a rounded way, and the bottom end is more of a creamy response rather than boomy or aggressive. For more vibe the GOLD gets my vote.


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